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Administrative Resolution of Complaints

We encourage you to share any concerns you have with the staff or administration of the County Board of Developmental Disabilities. All people supported by the Board are entitled to a formal process for resolving differences known as the “Administrative Resolution of Complaints.” Copies of this policy are available at the Board office and on the board’s website. Prior to initiating this process, however, all people supported are encouraged to bring their concerns to their SSA (or other board employees as appropriate). Most issues can be resolved through open dialogue and discussion.


If your services are funded through Medicaid, this process also applies.

Medicaid Fair Hearing/Due Process Rights

Individuals who are enrolled on a waiver (IO, TDD, SELF or Level 1), or who have been placed on a waiting list for a waiver, are entitled to Medicaid Appeals/Due Process anytime Medicaid services are denied, terminated, reduced, delayed (placed on a waiting list) or approved. Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is in charge of the hearing. 

Call or write your local agency or write to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, State Hearings, 30 East Broad Street, 31st Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414 or email the Bureau of State Hearings at . If you receive a notice about denying, reducing or stopping your assistance or services, fill out that form and mail it to State Hearings. You may also fax your hearing request to State Hearings at 614-728-9574.

Additional information on Ohio Department of Jobs and Family State Hearings may be found at

An individual or guardian can request a hearing; someone else may request on behalf of an individual 18 or over who does not have a guardian if the individual provides a written statement giving permission for a person to serve as his or her “Authorized Representative.”

The individual’s name, social security number and the action you want to appeal must be provided. A  lawyer, welfare rights worker, friend or relative can help with the hearing. To see if you qualify for free legal help, contact your local Legal Aid Office by calling 1-800-589-5888.

For more information on Medicaid due process, contact your SSA or the office of the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services.

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