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Positive Culture

A positive culture is an intentional way of supporting all people within our communities that focuses on creating healthy relationships and acknowledging the unique gifts that each brings to those relationships.

It is about making the shift in thinking away from power, control and coercion in language and actions, and toward affirmation, unconditional acceptance and encouragement.

The key message is about supporting one another in continuously striving to become more humane in our work, to cultivate our spirit of gentleness and fully invest ourselves in creating environments where people can truly thrive.

Through words and deeds, a positive culture helps all people feel safe, valued and accepted in the community.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has identified the Positive Culture Initiative (PCI) as a high priority across the state.

You can learn more about the Positive Culture Initiative on the Ohio Association of County Boards’ website at

What Words Would You Choose?

Provider and county board staff from all over Ohio were asked to write down the words that represented the concept of a positive culture within their own lives. Some of the most common words listed were:

Peacefulness; Being Loved; Respected; Appreciated for Who I am; Joyful; Bliss; Sense of Belonging; Non-Violence; Kindness; No Worries; Stress-free; Passion; Sense of Purpose; Family; Spirituality; Genuine; Honesty; Trust; Rest; Laughter; Fun; Friendship, Calm; Unconditional Acceptance; Togetherness; Freedom; Abundance.

If you were designing a community for yourself and your loved ones, what would the culture (shared attitudes, values, goals and practices) look and feel like? What words would you choose?

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