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Provider Selection (OAC: 5123:2-9-11)

People with disabilities have the right to choose any qualified provider from among all those available statewide (this choice is not limited to those who provide services in any given county). People are assisted in making this choice by their SSA (Service and Support Administrator) at the Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Information regarding qualified providers is available on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities' website: Click here

Click on the Start Search tab on the right side of the page to begin. The SSA will assist people in accessing this information if requested.

When an eligible provider(s) is selected from the list, the SSA will contact the provider(s) to see if he or she is interested in providing services. After the necessary supports are described to potential providers, each provider has two (2) working days to respond to the inquiry. If a provider has indicated a preliminary interest, the SSA will arrange a meeting with the candidate, upon request of the person, at a time and place convenient to the person requesting services.

Timelines stated within this process may be extended with written consent from the person and/or his or her guardian, the County Board and the provider(s).

If protected health information (PHI) must be shared with potential providers, people will be asked to complete the County Board's HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant release of information form.

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