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The Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports Self-Determination and its dream of life that goes beyond basic needs for people with developmental disabilities.

We believe in the Self-Determination Principles of…

  • Freedom to live a meaningful life in the community.

    All people should be able to choose the things they need and want for their lives

  • Authority over dollars needed for support.

    All people should have the power to say where and how dollars are spent on their behalf.

  • Support to organize resources in ways that are life enhancing and meaningful.

    Our purpose is to coordinate services chosen by the person in the most meaningful way possible, ensuring their health and safety.

  • Responsibility for the wise use of public dollars.

    All people have something to offer to others and diversity makes for a better community.

  • Confirmation of the important leadership that self-advocates must hold in a newly designed system.

People with disabilities and their families must lead in this new way of thinking as they advocate for themselves and others. For more information, log onto the Ohio Self-Determination Association at

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